Lil Pooh - The Young Phenomenon

Lil Pooh - The Young Phenomenon
The Young Phenomenon
Release Date:
December 1, 2006
IntroLil Pooh2:04
The Young PhenomenonLil Pooh3:26
Comin' DownLil Pooh4:02
Pullin' out CleanLil Pooh3:26
Take Me AwayLil Pooh4:12
Mile Away Conversation Feat. Ruff TymeLil Pooh4:08
Not Like Me Feat. T-BurnsLil Pooh4:32
Swagga' Like a StarLil Pooh4:04
Swang on Em' Feat. Big BLil Pooh3:08
Big Faces Feat. C. WhiskyLil Pooh3:33
Custom Tall Yee'sLil Pooh3:05
Let Me Do My Thang Feat. ColoradoLil Pooh4:23
Doin' Our ThangLil Pooh4:22
I Got Feat. Young Pee, Tay & ColoradoLil Pooh5:29
Welcome to Da' SoufLil Pooh4:20
Let Me BeLil Pooh3:56
Aint' No Stoppin' MeLil Pooh3:42
Slabs Feat. FreshLil Pooh2:57
Tell Me Sippin' OnLil Pooh4:03
Life Goes OnLil Pooh4:38

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