Alessandro de Marchi - Rossini: La pietra del paragone

Alessandro de Marchi - Rossini: La pietra del paragone
Rossini: La pietra del paragone
Release Date:
March 29, 2004

The notes to this three-disc set containing Rossini's opera La pietra del paragone (The Touchstone) announce that this recording is given the "first time (in) an original realization." On the contrary, this is the fourth recording of La pietra del paragone. The first was a justifiably famous studio version on Vanguard with José Carreras and Justino Diaz in the cast and Newell Jenkins leading a pickup band.But the Vanguard version and the two others (on Nuova Era and Bongiovanni, respectively) were all cut in some way to fit the package. This Naxos Opera Classics version is complete on two full and one short CD and is presented with a full libretto in Italian and an English-language summary. The recording is live from the 2001 Rossini in Wildbad Festival; the sound is a tad distant and occasional sound effects from the stage intrude, though not overwhelmingly so. Three of the principals, Agata Bienkowska, Raffaele Costantini, and Alessandro Codeluppi, consistently under-sing throughout and are quite flat in pitch. Codeluppi in particular spends much of his time singing nowhere near Rossini's melodic line. It's a shame, really, as the rest of the cast is fine and the orchestral playing, under Alessandro de Marchi, is excellent.

But three singers, all main parts, out of a cast of seven, adds up to too many cooks spoiling the broth.

With the Nuova Era and Vanguard packages gone and the Bongiovanni, as usual, expensive and difficult to find, listeners interested in La pietra del paragone will have this bargain-priced set as their main option for this opera. If Artemis ever brings the Vanguard version back, though, that would be your best option.

La pietra del paragone, opera
Act 1. SinfoniaAlessandro de Marchi5:55
Act 1. Introduzione. Non v'è del Conte AsdrubaleAlessandro de Marchi7:09
Act 1. Recitativo. OmbrettaAlessandro de Marchi1:39
Act 1. Duetto. Mille vati al suolo io stendoAlessandro de Marchi6:25
Act 1. Recitativo. Signor Giocondo, io vedoAlessandro de Marchi1:17
Act 1. Cavatina. Quel dirmi, oh dio!Alessandro de Marchi5:50
Act 1. Recitativo. Quella che l'eco mi faceaAlessandro de Marchi0:50
Act 1. Cavatina. Se di certo io non sapessiAlessandro de Marchi4:15
Act 1. Recitativo. Di me stupisce ognunAlessandro de Marchi2:04
Act 1. Recitativo & Duetto. Perché? Perché vorrei che l'eco fosseAlessandro de Marchi6:59
Act 1. Recitativo. Dove mai si cacciò? / Aria. Ombretta sdegnosa del MissipipìAlessandro de Marchi3:21
Act 1. Recitativo. Bravissimo! Il conte appunto è quàAlessandro de Marchi3:04
Act 1. Quartetto. Voi volete, e non voleteAlessandro de Marchi9:29
Act 1. Recitativo. Ma che sestinaAlessandro de Marchi2:38
Act 1. Aria. Chi è colei che s'avvicinaAlessandro de Marchi5:33
Act 1. Coro. Il Conte AsdrubaleAlessandro de Marchi1:53

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